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​​​Growing up in the ghettos of Chicago, the founder of Liberated Expression enjoyed reading and writing books. Brenda was fascinated with the process by which a book was produced.  At the age of 3, she began cutting out comic strip scenes from the Sunday newspaper. The young, Brenda would glue the individual scenes onto small pieces of paper and put them in order to create small books.  As she grew older, Brenda wrote books in elementary and middle school and often participated in the Young Author's Conferences held in Normal, Illinois each year.  

Writing was her escape and she also saw it as a way to reach others who might have similar experiences.  When it came time to publish her own book, Brenda researched traditional publishing options but was discouraged by the industry practices and decided to pursue a different avenue - she decided to publish her own book.  And so, Liberated Expression Publishing was born!

Liberated Expression Publishing exists to help others who, like Brenda, have a story to tell, a book to share... a message to deliver.  Our vision is that we can help authors become entrepreneurs by doing what they love to do - write!   Sometimes, people don't realize that they don't know, what they don't know and our job is to teach them, show them, help them to experience a world, a nation, a community a neighborhood, a culture, an industry or maybe just an idea unlike their own.